Handmade feng shui jewellery by master chan . I am professional selling real Feng shui , Pixiu, new age & spiritual items over 10 years.

*All items cleaned and blessed by singing bowl already for more powerful
(singing bowl not for sell)

*Included wealth lucky Feng shui card (this card is very important)


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all items blessed & cleansed by singing bowl

why We Use singing bowl blessing & cleaning it ,because make it more powerful and good energy . and if other people touch it ,it will remember that people‘s energy , so we need use singing bowl cleaning it before You first time wear its .After that sometime u can put at moonlight also cleaning .
*(dear competitor pls don't copy my knowledge, copy is A negative energy )
(This is the differ our products with other ) 


What Is Pixiu and How To wear Pixiu bracelet *(dear competitor pls don't copy my knowledge, copy is A negative energy )

Chinese had four lucky animals dragon, kylin, Pixiu & turtle. Pixiu is ninth son of dragon, Pixiu is good for catch money and wealth.

If u wear one Pixiu , the pixiu face is facing outside, it mean catch money from outside . If wear double Pixiu is doesn't matter the facing ,  because it mean catch and save money.

Many customers ask me Pixiu wear left or right hand , the answer is:
if your bead is black colour ( with pixiu ) wear right hand for first 3 days, after 3 days u can wear the black bead (with Pixiu) bracelet left or right hand .  If only black bead without Pixiu always wear right hand. Other colour bead always wear left hand 

When U take out the pixiu bracelet ,the face is doesn't matter outside Or inside, except If It not A bracelet,  just the standing Pixiu, u need face outside .Don't Let other people wear it. ( if other people wear it , don't worry ,u just put in the moonlight , moonlight also can clean it )
When u shower or sleep you need take out.
Sometime U can massage Pixiu from head to tail, but don't touch pixiu eye & mouth .
If U long time don't want it, put it in red paper.

**(dear competitor pls don't copy my knowledge ,copy is negative energy & make your products also negative energy , we are professional sell Pixiu & Feng shui products over 10 year , our customers always happy at our products)

we Professional sell Pixiu over 10 year
And also many many customers ask me "if other people touch it what can I do ? ". the answer is , don't worry ! u just put in the moonlight , moonlight also can clean it 


this feng shui card for catch more money ,more lucky, bad energy out and prevent eveil


we Professional sell real Feng shui catch money lucky Pixiu over 10 year design by master chan

We use singing bowl clean & blessing to all item for catch more money , prevent bad energy , more lucky & more wealth , many people try this had good result.